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Program Overview

Developed at Stanford University, Achieve (X) helps students prepare themselves for success in the college admissions process. This unique growth opportunity connects high school students with experienced, Stanford-educated facilitators who use the Achieve (X) leadership framework to advance a student’s college readiness.

The program guides students to identify an important personal goal in one of four key areas: academics, activities, application readiness and testing. Students then work with their Achieve (X) facilitator to develop a 6-week plan to achieve that goal. In addition, participants will draft an outline to the Common Application’s main essay.

Students leave Achieve (X) with increased confidence and more control over their lives. Students have used Achieve (X) to improve academic performance, strengthen relationships with family and friends, develop a long-term vision for life and career and fulfill important personal goals. Moving forward, participants can use the skills, models and network of support gained in Achieve (X) to accomplish future goals and continue their journey of personal growth.

Overview of Achieve (X) model

Clarity: Who am I - and who do I want to be?

Participants use best-practice psychology tools to discover core values and articulate what's most important in their lives. Participants then use their core values and reflections to write a personal vision statement that gives them direction for the rest of the program.

Vision: Where do I want to go?

Participants then engage in a fast-paced, interactive session to learn Stanford's cutting-edge Design Thinking model. They then use this problem-solving tool and their personal vision statement to identify 1 major SMART goal, a goal that's: specific, measurable, action-oriented, realistic and time-bound.

Strategy: How do I get there?

Students then create an achievement ladder to accomplish their SMART goal. The achievement ladder has students design a plan to get to their goal by articulating smaller process goals (things they can do and thus control) that build to their SMART goal.

Mastery: How do I manage along the way?

Facilitators teach students an emotional mastery system to effectively address obstacles that may come up as they pursue their goals and personal vision. Participants then use the model to find a better way to address a problem in their current lives.

Corey Dysick, the lead facilitator, can be reached at 602-531-4917 or at

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