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General Course Outline

RedwoodPrep's Math+ program runs over six days and explores fundamental concepts in modern mathematics. The concepts explored are University level topics. The Math+ program takes these advanced topics and presents them in a curriculum students in the 6th to 8th grades can effectively handle - and master.

Each Math+ course focuses on one critical, high-level mathematics concept. These concepts include Infinity, Number Theory, Probability, Proofs and Logic, Applied Number Theory and Geometry. In total, the Math+ program includes six different Math+ courses with each addressing a unique and different topic. Each season, participating schools will offer one Math+ course for interested students. Students can participate up to 6 different times and explore a different topic each time.

Math+ courses are taught by premier local high school instructors who often teach the most advanced courses at a leading local high school. Math+ instructors teach the content at a level appropriate for interested 6th to 8th graders. The courses are challenging, but students who are willing to pay attention in class and do targeted homework can master these challenging concepts.

The Math+ program offers a number of significant advantages to participants. Critically, many students in the 6th to 8th graders are not conceptually challenged in school and spend most of their time learning skills (e.g., addition, spelling). Math+ challenges students to think conceptually and creatively. This is the sort of skill that can serve a student well over their lifetime. Just as importantly, the Math+ program prepares students to excel on standardized exams including the HSPT, SAT and ACT. Programs refer to challenging standardized exam questions and ensure students use the skills learned in the program to get these questions correct. Lastly, Math+ prepares students to gain entrance to and succeed in advanced high school and college mathematics classes.

Math+ courses begins with an overview of the key concept (e.g., Infinity). Over the following sessions, the program develops the student's conceptual understanding and focuses on critical insights with an emphasis on creative problem solving. The classroom experience is high-energy, fast-paced and focused and will serve as a helpful introduction to high school level mathematics instruction and university-level mathematics concepts.

Students receive weekly homework assignments, but homework should not exceed more than two hours a week.

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